What Is Restylane Lyft Used for?

Fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity are all difficult challenges to overcome, but just like any other age-related concern, the right cosmetic treatment can help you look younger and feel more confident. At Old Town Med Spa in Chicago, IL, we are confident that a dermal filler like Restylane Lyft can restore a youthful appearance with long-lasting results.

What Is Restylane Lyft Used for?

There are many potential uses for Restylane Lyft. Primarily, it is used to augment the cheeks without the need to undergo an invasive procedure that implants silicone into the cheeks. However, gaunt cheeks aren’t the only cosmetic concern that this versatile injectable can resolve. It is also commonly used to lift and tighten loose, sagging cheek skin and enhance the appearance of the cheekbones.

However, the safe, effective potential application of this treatment does not end there. Lyft can also be used to erase the horizontal lines that extend from the corners of your mouth and restore volume to your hands. In the Restylane family of products, Lyft is uniquely versatile and produces long-lasting, natural-looking results.

How Does This Dermal Filler Work?

This dermal filler works by injecting hyaluronic acid into the deepest layers of the skin. There are several proteins, fibers, and chemical compounds that are responsible for keeping your skin tight and wrinkle-free. Hyaluronic acid is also required to keep your skin healthy and smooth.

In fact, various scientific research indicates that the production of collagen in the sub-dermal layers of the skin increases when exposed to hyaluronic acid, meaning this treatment will help your body naturally produce collagen to restore lost volume.

Is Treatment Painful?

There is nothing painful about this treatment at all. This dermal filler contains a small amount of lidocaine, a local numbing agent, that will make the treatment comfortable for you. The great thing about using lidocaine in the formula is that it saves an incredible amount of time. The local anesthetic numbs as it is injected so there is no waiting around for 15 minutes to an hour for a topical anesthetic to numb the treatment site.

Another great thing about the formula including lidocaine is the safety of lidocaine. The numbing effects wear off within 15 minutes so you will have no problems moving the treatment area when you get back to work. Furthermore, it is safe to drive after lidocaine is injected so you are free to return to whatever you had scheduled immediately after your session.

What Are the Benefits of Restylane Lyft?

Restylane is an incredibly versatile dermal filler that can be used to correct volume loss on the cheeks and the hands. But the dynamic uses of this filler aren’t the only benefits – in fact, there are many appealing aspects of this treatment. For example, the fact that this treatment is less painful than other dermal fillers is a huge benefit. Other benefits of this treatment include:

Long-Lasting Results

Lyft is one of the longest-lasting dermal fillers available to patients with results that can last for as long as 12 months or sometimes more when used on the cheeks or the face. The results of this treatment will last for about six months on the back of the hands and on the lips due to how mobile these areas are. These long-lasting results mean you can enjoy seamless anti-aging benefits for several months at a time.

To maintain the results of your treatment, you may want to schedule top-up appointments once every six to 12 months depending on where the treatment is being used. Keeping up with your maintenance appointments will allow you to enjoy consistent results. Your results will continue to look good for as long as your body continues to produce collagen in the sub-dermal layers of skin at a higher rate.

Natural-Looking Results

The goal of any good cosmetic treatment is to restore the youthful appearance of a person in a way that looks, feels, and moves naturally. Natural-looking results are subtle restorations that enable you to look younger without looking like you’ve had any work done. The natural results of this treatment are largely attributed to the efficacy of hyaluronic acid and the fact that this treatment stimulates natural collagen production in your body.

Fast Results

Many patients notice an immediate improvement in their appearance within as little as one day. The fast results produced by this treatment are due in part to the amount of water in the injectable gel, which instantly restores and rescues facial volume.

However, the hyaluronic acid in the filler treatment also works quickly once it is absorbed in your body and you will begin to notice your final results within the same week of your treatment. Your results will continue to improve as your body creates greater quantities of collagen.

Reliably Safe

The Restylane family of products has been around since 2003 and have a proven track record of producing reliable anti-aging results. One of the unique components of Restylane is that it was designed for those with skin allergies in mind, meaning that very few people ever have any adverse reactions to the hypoallergenic hyaluronic acid filler. Additionally, studies by the FDA ensure that every new Restylane is safe and effective for patients seeking anti-aging solutions.

What Can You Expect During Treatment?

Before any of your treatment appointments, you will need to attend a consultation so we can examine the condition of your skin and determine if your age-related concerns are compatible with this dermal filler. We will also ask about any allergies you may have, such as allergies to lidocaine. Your history of cosmetic treatments is also relevant, particularly if you have tried other dermal fillers before.

As for your treatment, before your session starts, the treatment area or areas will be sanitized. Combined with the use of a sterile needle in a sterile environment, your sanitized skin ensures that there is no risk of infection. Before we sanitize the treatment area, we will remove any cosmetics that you came in with. If possible, wash the treatment area and come in without any cosmetics on. Your treatment appointment will take about 30 minutes to complete.

How Should You Prepare for Treatment?

Not much preparation is required for Restylane Lyft injections if you are deemed a good candidate for treatment. You should, however, avoid smoking or drinking alcohol for a couple of weeks before your session. You should also stop taking blood thinners and drugs and supplements that increase the risk of bleeding. Make sure you ask your doctor before stopping any drugs, though.

When you come in for your initial consultation, tell us about every drug and dietary supplement you have taken in the past two weeks. If you are taking any nutritional supplements that can thin your blood, like vitamin E, ask your doctor if it is safe for you to stop taking your nutritional supplements for two weeks. If you have a heart condition that requires you to take Aspirin daily, you will not be considered a good candidate for this treatment.

What Else Should You Avoid Before Treatment?

You should also avoid any exfoliating treatments in the two weeks leading up to your injections. For example, you should not schedule any chemical peels (chemical exfoliation) or dermaplaning (physical exfoliation) sessions within 14 days of your scheduled Restylane session. If you feel like you need a chemical peel or similar aesthetic treatment, schedule it for a few days after your Restylane injections.

What Should You Do After Treatment?

After your treatment appointment, you will need to take good care of your skin to achieve the best possible results. For example, one thing you should not do is rub or massage your skin, as this may displace the filler. You should also avoid hot water, excessive exercise, steam, or exposure to anything that may cause swelling, including spicy food.

As for your skincare itself, after your appointment, you should only wash with gentle cleansers and warm water. Please wear adequate SPF protection outside to protect the integrity of the injectable formula and any potential skin sensitivity. You should not use retinoids for at least one week after your appointment to give your body adequate time to acclimatize to the treatment.

Why Can Antihistamines Help You?

Although you may not be allergic to the ingredients in this dermal filler, it may still be a good idea to use antihistamines to minimize any swelling after your treatment. Allergy medications like Claritin and Benedryl contain antihistamines that can minimize skin irritation and swelling. Ask your doctor if using an antihistamine after your dermal filler treatment is a good idea for your health needs.

Are You a Good Candidate for This Treatment?

You may be a good candidate for this treatment if you are at least 22 years of age and wish you could restore volume to your skin without an invasive, time-consuming procedure. Most of our clients are at least 30 because most healthy adults do not slow collagen production at a reduced rate until the age of 25. It is not until around the age of 30 that volume loss gets to the point that treatment is necessary.

Who Wouldn’t Be a Good Candidate for This Treatment?

Although the benefits of including lidocaine in the formula are incredible, people who are allergic to lidocaine are poor candidates for this treatment. Furthermore, people with certain medical conditions should not receive any anti-aging treatment that includes lidocaine. For example, you may be a poor candidate for this treatment if you have certain heart conditions, liver disease, kidney disease, or gluten sensitivity.

Furthermore, you should not consider this treatment right now if you are pregnant, think you may be pregnant or are trying to become pregnant. There is not enough research on the effects of this treatment on a fetus. There is also insufficient evidence to suggest safety for a breastfeeding infant. Wait until you have delivered the baby and finished breastfeeding him or her before you consider this treatment.

Discover How to Rejuvenate Your Skin Today

Known originally as Perlane, Restylane Lyft is a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler that has been FDA-approved since 2015. We are proud to offer this dermal filler because it is so effective and it has so many uses. Whether you have gaunt cheeks, loose, sagging cheek skin, bony, venous hands, or another volume loss-related problem, Restylane Lyft can benefit you. Contact Old Town Med Spa in Chicago, IL to schedule your first appointment today.

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