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Do you work and work to achieve the sculpted body you’ve always wanted, but to no avail? You’ve tried diet and exercise, but it just never seems to be enough. It’s time to take a stand against fat; it’s time for Vanquish ME!

Introducing non-surgical body contouring using RF technology to target and refine problematic areas in both women and men. This exciting technology is designed specifically for delivering impressively sculpted results in only a handful of short treatments.

  • Permanent fat reduction
  • No downtime
  • Pain free
  • Short treatment times
  • Largest treatment area available
  • Great for abdomen, flanks, legs and arms

This powerful and effective body contouring device utilizes the latest advances in radio frequency aesthetic treatment technology. Call Old Town Med Spa today to get started on your own state-of-the-art fat-melting treatment!

What Specific Problems can Vanquish ME Treat?

The Vanquish ME device has been designed to address two of the most common areas where fat gets stored, the abdomen and the thighs. These problem areas often don't respond to your diet and exercise habits as much as you'd like. Regardless of your habits, you're left to deal with issues like love handles, a muffin top, saddlebags, and bulky inner thighs. Vanquish ME treatments target these areas without contact with the skin. The RF energy passes through the skin to target the fat cells that have been resisting your lifestyle changes.

Are the Results of Vanquish ME Permanent?

After your Vanquish ME treatment program is complete, your body will naturally flush the fat cells that have been destroyed. These cells are gone forever. That said, it's possible that your body contours will change in the future if you gain more than 10 to 15 pounds. Some of the ways that you can promote enduring results from your Vanquish treatments include:

  • Hydrate well before and during your treatment program. On the days of your Vanquish treatments, drink one to two liters of water beforehand. The increase in water molecules in the body can make it easier to destroy unwanted fat. Maintaining good hydration after your treatments helps your body eliminate fat and toxins more efficiently.
  • Exercise regularly. It's ideal to begin a consistent exercise routine before beginning your body contouring treatments. Even a brisk daily walk can benefit your final outcome by supporting lymph flow, the process through which your body will flush the destroyed fat cells. Maintaining a consistent exercise habit throughout and after your treatment program is one of the best ways to prolong your body sculpting results.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. The abdominal area is a tough area to maintain over time. As you age, you may become more prone to belly fat due to hormonal changes. Your diet can help offset the natural biological changes that occur over time. Eating a well-balanced diet that is free of sugary, salty processed foods can help decrease your chances of harboring troublesome abdominal fat. Your healthy diet also goes hand-in-hand with your regular exercise practice to maintain a stable weight.

How Does Vanquish ME Compare to CoolSculpting?

We're proud to offer Vanquish ME, CoolSculpting, and other body contouring treatments at Old Town Med Spa! According to studies, Vaquish and CoolSculpting are similarly effective at reducing unwanted fat. Each session of either modality can destroy about 25 percent of the targeted fat. One of the primary differences between the two comes down to the applicator that delivers energy. CoolSculpting delivers freezing, fat-destroying temperature through a relatively small applicator that is fit over a pinchable area of fat. The treatment area is somewhat like a stick of butter. Vanquish ME delivers radiofrequency energy, which destroys fat cells using heat, via a "hovering" applicator positioned over the central abdomen. The applicator also wraps around the sides, thereby targeting a larger treatment area that includes the flanks.

What Is Radio-Frequency?

Radio-frequency is a term of measurement that can be used to describe the oscillation rate of electromagnetic radio waves. Vanish ME uses radio-frequency technology to heat the skin above 104 degrees, which will help to tighten the skin, minimize the appearance of fat and cellulite, and contour the treated area.

Can I Customize My Vanquish ME Treatment Plan?

Yes. During your initial consultation, a treatment plan will be determined based on your medical history, physicality, and aesthetic goals. While each patient’s body is unique, each treatment plan will be customized in a way that is most beneficial to their needs.

What Are Other Treatment Options for Body Sculpting?

Other treatment options that can help contour the body and help remove stubborn fat are Ultrasound fat reduction, KYBELLA® injections, and liposuction. While these treatments may require a little more downtime than Vanquish ME, consulting with your surgeon about the pros and cons of each will help you determine which option is right for you.

How Much Will This Treatment Cost?

On average, the cost of one session of Vanquish ME body sculpting can range anywhere between $500 to $600. However, we are happy to work with all patients to formulate a payment plan that fits their budget if needed.

Can I Combine Vanquish ME with Other Procedures?

Yes! Vanquish ME treatment can be combined with other body sculpting treatments to achieve faster, quicker, longer-lasting results that will keep your body looking toned, fit, and contoured for up to a decade!

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