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Has recurring discomfort around the jaw compromised your quality of life? TMJ is a common condition that can be a nuisance to experience. One of the latest innovations in aesthetic medicine has shown that botulinum toxin injectables can alleviate discomfort from this common compromise and help you smile more comfortably without surgery or extensive downtime.

Old Town Medspa in Chicago is led by Drs. Nael Gharbi and Shazel Gharbi who are both determined to provide you with the tools, care, and guidance you need to achieve your cosmetic vision. We now offer advanced TMJ treatment with botulinum toxin to grant greater comfortability when those smile-worthy moments arrive. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and find out if this treatment option may be right for you!

What is TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects the jawbone to the skull, performing sliding and hinge movements so that the jaw can open, close, and move in circular motion. The bones that allow this movement are concealed in cartilage and separate from the jaw itself by a tiny, shock-absorbant disk. TMJ complications arise when:

  • The disk becomes dislocated
  • The cartilage that surrounds the bones endures trauma
  • The teeth or joint receive damage

What are some common signs of TMJ complications?

  • Discomfort in the jaw and temple area
  • Aching sensations across the face and ears
  • Difficulty or aches when chewing food
  • Joint locking

How can I benefit from TMJ treatment?

Utilizing a highly purified botulinum toxin formula, we are able to safely and effectively treat TMJ discomfort. This minimally invasive treatment incorporates a careful administration of the botulinum toxin solution into the jaw area, reducing joint and muscular activity. Over time, you can feel enhanced jaw comfort. An optimal treatment plan can help you achieve desirable results all year round. Ultimately,results will vary from person to person.

Who may be a candidate for TMJ treatment?

Nearly anyone struggling with discomfort or pain in the jaw and across the face may benefit from this treatment option. However, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding may be referred to alternative treatments. During your consultation, we will discuss aspects of your medical history and carefully assess the treated area to better determine if TMJ treatment through botulinum toxin may be right for you.

Would you like to learn more about this treatment? Contact us today to schedule your consultation! We look forward to hearing from you!

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