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Do you have parts of the body that just won’t seem to shape up, no matter how hard you work out and how closely you watch your diet? Are you ready to try a new approach and finally see the results you’ve been working toward? Emsculpt NEO treatments at Old Town Med Spa in Chicago, IL, could be the perfect solution. This non-invasive treatment system eliminates unwanted fat and builds muscle tone.

What Is Emsculpt NEO?

Patients love this treatment system because it gives them control over the problem areas they’ve been struggling with. This revolutionary treatment system combines the power of high-intensity focused electromagnet energy and radiofrequency energy in a way that destroys fat cells while also developing muscle strength. It gives patients who undergo a series of easy 30-minute treatments a slimmer, more defined figure.

During treatment, an external applicator is used to direct energy toward your areas of concern. This energy causes your muscles to contract, much like they do when you’re exercising. During a single treatment, your muscles will contract as many as 24,000 times, just as they would if you were doing 24,000 lunges. The results you see from this treatment are similar to the results that that level of physical activity would normally deliver.

Emsculpt NEO is an FDA-approved treatment for the following areas of the body:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Calves

How Does This Treatment System Work?

Emsculpt NEO takes the work out of getting in shape. This treatment system encourages your body to go through the muscle contractions it would have during a rigorous workout, but you’ll spend the time during your appointment reclining and relaxing. You may feel the muscle contractions as they take place, as well as subtle warmth. Many patients compare the experience to a hot stone massage.

Who Is a Candidate For Emsculpt Neo in Chicago?

You Have a Body Mass Index No Greater Than 35

Some body-contouring treatments on the market are best suited for patients with a body mass index of 30 or lower. This treatment, however, is an effective option for patients with a body mass index of up to 35. That means this treatment system can be effective on a broader range of patients and can be used to more dramatically slim down your physique.

You’re Not Just Concerned About Fat

One of the big advantages of this treatment system is that it does far more than whittle away unwanted fat. It also builds muscle definition, even developing six-pack abs in some men. If you want to slim down while also developing a muscular, cut look, Emsculpt NEO is a terrific option.

You Don’t Want an Extended Recovery Period

Convenience is a hallmark of this treatment system. Although most patients benefit from a series of at least four treatments, each treatment is brief, comfortable, and requires no recovery period. Because no anesthesia is involved, patients can get right back to their regular schedules after treatment. Many even book their appointments during their lunch hours.

You Embrace Healthy Living

Although this treatment can produce impressive results, it will be up to the patient to maintain those results with a healthy lifestyle. But many patients are so motivated by their results that they’re eager to exercise and eat healthfully. Once you’ve undergone this treatment, you may find yourself naturally gravitating toward being more active.

You Don’t Have Tattoos, Certain Implants

This is a versatile treatment that can be safely and effectively performed on almost any patient. However, it is not an ideal treatment for those with metal implants in the area of the body that is being addressed. This treatment is also not a good option if the patient has tattoos in the area of concern.

What Results Does It Offer?

We know you’ll be eager to see results, and this treatment system delivers them. Patients who have had four treatments see a 25 percent increase, on average, in muscle mass and a 30 percent decrease in fat. Emsculpt NEO also tightens skin, leaving the treatment area firm and rejuvenated in appearance. Most patients see their full results in about four weeks.

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Treatment Q&A

Is This a Cellulite Treatment?

Emsculpt NEO is not intended to be used as a primary treatment for cellulite. However, this treatment system can improve the appearance of dimpled, rumpled, cellulite-ridden skin by developing muscle tone and getting rid of unwanted fat.

Do Men Ever Take Advantage of This?

Yes, men are just as concerned as women when it comes to getting their bodies in shape. These treatments are a great option for both male and female patients.

How Does This Compare With Regular Emsculpt?

Emsculpt NEO is a more sophisticated and advanced version of the original Emsculpt that won FDA approval in 2018. EmSculpt initially used only high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy, but Emsculpt NEO also incorporates radiofrequency, which maximizes the results patient see.

Can I Combine This Treatment With Other Body Contouring Services?

Yes, our practice offers several body sculpting treatment systems, including Coolsculpting, TruSculpt ID, Vanquish Body Sculpting, and liposuction. Each of these treatments works in a different way to sculpt and refine your physique. Many of our patients find that they get their best results by combining treatments. Once we’ve had a chance to meet with you and evaluate your aesthetic concerns, we can design a custom treatment plan for you.

Read what our patients are saying!

"Valerie was very informative and helpful. She's great. Amazing experience and customer service. I am very pleased with my experience and will be back to continue my removal process and for other services."

- Natalie

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Why Should I Choose Old Town Med Spa for This Treatment?

Our founders and medical directors, Drs. Nael Gharbi and Shazel Gharbi, are key reasons why you should choose our practice for this treatment. The brother physicians are top cosmetic surgeons. We are also a convenient option. Our practice has locations in Bucktown, Lincoln Park, and North Sedgwick Street.

Schedule an Emsculpt NEO Consultation in Chicago

If you’re tired of treatments, diets, and exercise programs that don’t deliver results, it may be time to give this cutting-edge treatment system a try. Emsculpt NEO Chicago can help you shed fat, build muscle definition, and finally get the physique you’ve been working toward. Call (312) 643-1689 to get started.

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