Non-Surgical Butt Lift in Chicago, IL

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Looking for a non-surgical butt lift to achieve a perky behind without the hundreds of squats or the pains of surgery? Old Town Medspa of Chicago has a solution for you! We are now offering a subtle, non-invasive treatment to help you have the butt you have always wanted.

A non-surgical butt lift is achieved by using dermal fillers Sculptra and RADIESSE, FDA-approved volumizers that stimulate your own body’s collagen production. Both fillers are known for restoring volume to areas that have lost their fullness due to the aging process. It is a very safe treatment and results typically last up to two years. Contact us today to see if this popular treatment is right for you.

What Are Sculptra and RADIESSE?

Sculptra® and RADIESSE® are dermal fillers known to aid in the production of new collagen. Collagen provides your body with structure, and using dermal fillers can help naturally volumize your appearance.

Why a Non-Surgical Butt Lift?

A non-surgical butt lift using Sculptra and RADIESSE is a fantastic way to improve the shape and lift of your buttocks while providing a modest increase in fullness. This is all achieved without the adverse effects of a surgical procedure. These fillers can also help fix other irregularities in the buttock and thigh region, such as dimpling. It is an ideal treatment for patients that do not want surgery or do not have enough fat to be harvested through liposuction.

This type of non-surgical butt lift cannot achieve the same dramatic results that butt implants or fat grafting can. However, it is the perfect treatment for a patient looking for a subtle lift and a modest increase in fullness.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate for a Non-Surgical Butt Lift?

The ideal candidate for this butt lift procedure are patients who are in overall good health, do not have any allergies to the materials in dermal fillers, and are non-smokers. Patients who can keep a positive mindset and realistic expectations regarding the results of their non-surgical butt lift procedure will benefit the most. If you are overweight or have not yet reached a stable weight, the results from this procedure may disappear if you decide to lose or gain a significant amount of weight after your treatment.

Injectables and fillers have not been approved by the FDA for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, so we recommend waiting until you have given birth or are done breastfeeding to begin your non-surgical butt lift procedure.

When Can I Expect to Notice Results?

Both Sculptra and RADIESSE take some time in gradually correcting volume loss. While you may experience some minor swelling following treatment, this should gradually reduce shortly after the treatment.

The number of treatments required varies from patient to patient. A series of treatments, typically spread 3-6 weeks apart, may help you achieve your desired look. Although touch-up treatments may be necessary, most patients can expect to see results that last up to two years.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Make My Fillers Last Longer?

Although these fillers are temporary yet maintainable, there are a few lifestyle changes some patients like to implement in order to lessen the depletion of their filler following their procedure. These changes can include:

  • Avoiding pressure on the buttocks
  • Avoid rigorous exercise that puts a lot of pressure on the buttocks
  • Focus on exercises that strengthen your legs and glutes
  • Sleep on your stomach
  • Use pillows to sit on hard surfaces such as benches or chairs
  • Maintain a balanced diet to avoid gaining or losing a significant amount of weight. This may change the look of your results.

Are There Any Risks With a Non-Surgical Butt Lift?

Although this procedure is non-surgical, as with any filler treatment, it can still come with a few risks that patients should be aware of. These risks include:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Allergic reaction to filler
  • Filler migration

When filler is applied to the body correctly, these side effects will be eliminated, and at Old Town Med Spa, our highly trained team is dedicated to prioritizing patient comfort and safety during each procedure. Under the care of Drs. Nael Gharbi and Shazel Gharbi, patients can expect a worry-free procedure and recovery.

Is There Downtime?

Unlike surgical procedures, this treatment requires little to no downtime. Typically patients find that their daily activities are not impacted after treatment.

What Are The Benefits of the Non-Surgical Butt Lift?

This procedure can provide many benefits for patients. First of all, the added lift to the buttocks area can provide a more toned, contoured, and firm look to the body. For people who have lost a significant amount of weight and have struggled with the appearance of sagging skin, this procedure could benefit you.

Because it is non-surgical, patients are free from the stress and difficult recovery from a surgery. Even though results need to be maintained, it’s easy to keep your desired look by leaving it to professionals!

Patients have also benefitted from this procedure as the results from their butt lift have led to an increase in self-confidence. With the ease to wear better-fitting clothes, many people find they are happier with their bodies post-treatment than they were before.

Is This Treatment Right For Me?

A Non Surgical Butt Lift using Sculptra and RADIESSE may be the perfect choice for anyone looking to subtly improve the look of their buttock area without the pain and downtime involved with a surgical procedure. However, we recommend a consultation to ensure this treatment option is the best method for you to achieve your goals.

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