What are My Options for Non-Surgical Body Contouring in Chicago?

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If you have unwanted fat on your body that is not responding to all of your weight loss efforts, you may be interested in body contouring options that we have available here in Chicago. We are not talking about surgical procedures. We have a variety of non-surgical body contouring treatments that can help you get a body that you will feel proud to show off.

Surgical options allow a person to have fat removed from their body at the moment the procedure is being done. However, a person has a lot of risks that they have to face. For this reason, most individuals decide that surgery is just not the right option for them when it comes to getting rid of fat. Thankfully, there are many other options that can help a person to remove fat in specific areas of their body without the need to have incisions made or go through an extensive recovery time.

In most cases, non-surgical body contouring treatments use some form of energy in order to damage or kill the fat cells. This is done without the need to make an incision in the skin. During the weeks and months that follow the treatment, a person is going to notice that the treated area starts to become slimmer. This is because the body has gone to work removing the damaged fat cells in a natural way. When these fat cells are damaged and removed, they do not return. However, it is good for a person to know that they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle after their treatment because the fat cells that were left unaffected can still grow.

It is good for our Chicago clients to understand that most body contouring treatments are best for individuals who have specific pockets of fat that need to be removed. Most clients need to be at or very close to a healthy weight. They are not designed for obese individuals.

When you visit us at Old Town Medspa for your initial consultation, we will ask you questions about your lifestyle and health. We will also ask you about your goals. Then we can tell you the best non-surgical body contouring options that are available to help you reach your goals. Contact us today to book an appointment at our office in Chicago!

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