Look More Youthful with Non-Surgical Facelift NovaThreads

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When it comes to cosmetic treatments, many patients aren’t quite ready for invasive procedures such as facelifts. Even though lifts can be effective, some of them take weeks to recover from, and very few people have that kind of time. Non-surgical facelift NovaThreads are amazing treatments that produce some of the same results as a facelift without the downtime. This technology will allow you to quickly and safely get rid of some of the most common age-related blemishes.

Understanding Traditional Facelifts

Modern facelifts are very popular, but this procedure isn’t right for everyone. In many cases, patients will need to sit in bed for well over two weeks as the inflammation and bruising fade away. Some people who undergo this procedure must also avoid all physical activities for a month or longer, and that is a major investment of time. With NovaThreads, we can address all of the same issues as a traditional facelift, but you won’t have to worry about taking weeks off of work.

The Science Behind Non-Surgical Facelift NovaThreads

Each NovaThread is nothing more than a thin hypodermic needle that contains a small string known as a PDO suture. PDO sutures were originally used during heart and lung procedures, but surgeons quickly realized that they could be used in a wide variety of treatments. They were designed to be one of the safest sutures on the market, and very few people experience any negative side effects. After about four months, these sutures will naturally begin to dissolve within the patient’s body.

NovaThreads and Skin Laxity Issues

Traditional facelifts are generally carried out to treat skin laxity issues near the nose, cheeks, jowls, and neck. Those issues often occur because the patient’s body is no longer producing enough collagen and elastin to keep the outermost layer of skin firm. Non-surgical facelift NovaThreads essentially replace those proteins and manually tone the skin. We use the threads in strategic areas throughout the face to enhance your natural features and erase age-related blemishes.

Another reason why this treatment is so popular is because the threads also stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Over time, your skin is going to be flooded with collagen and elastin. Even after the threads have completely dissolved, you will still continue to see improvements. While every patient has a slightly different experience, most are happy with the results for well over a year.

The Benefits of NovaThreads

Countless patients are now choosing non-surgical facelift NovaThreads over traditional facelifts because they aren’t ready to undergo an invasive procedure that takes weeks to recover from. Our skilled team can use these amazing threads almost anywhere on the face, and that means we can treat multiple imperfections at the same time. Instead of meeting with three or four different doctors, you can completely rejuvenate your appearance with a single trip to our office. You also won’t have to worry about any scars following your procedure. The hypodermic needles that are used during this treatment barely affect the outer layers of your skin.

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