Get the Lips You Want with Lip Augmentation

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The luscious, full lips you enjoyed as a teen may now appear thinner, stretched, unbalanced, and full of wrinkles. Yes, it’s a natural part of aging, but you don’t have to look or feel older than you really are. Dermal fillers are the simplest form of lip augmentation, and most of the gel fillers used today produce satisfying results that last for many months, if not longer.

These injectable fillers contain special ingredients that either draw in and hold moisture in place or build up scaffolding upon which tissue binds. Depending on the amount of volume you need, how much the shape of the lip boundary needs to be changed, and the amount of wrinkling, one of these gel fillers will work better than the others. We can determine which type of dermal filler to use based on our observations when we consult with you.

Problems with Decreased Volume

Some people experience a thinning of the lips due to a lack of moisture retention in the tissues that lie just beneath the skin. The creases become larger and the front of the lip appears flat. This can be corrected using an acid-based dermal filler.

These filler gels contain hyaluronic acid. The acid particles bind with water molecules. The increase in water in the lip tissue creates a plumping effect, and this helps to give the lips a more rounded, youthful appearance. The lip boundary contours will become curvaceous once more, and this really affects the overall appearance in a truly positive way. The injection procedure takes just minutes to perform, and we can control the outcome simply by choosing the appropriate dosage and injection sites.

Lip Structure

Thinning lips often become unbalanced. They may look tilted, or one side of the upper lip boundary might be straighter than the other. This can detract from one’s appearance because this unbalanced look can make other facial features — such as the eyes — also appear horizontally out of whack.

Dermal fillers may be the best solution for this problem. This type of lip augmentation calls for the skillful injection of the substance into the target areas. As such, only qualified professionals should perform the treatment.

Consulting with the Client

Everyone’s lips are different, and choosing the correct lip augmentation procedure depends on what we see when we examine your lips. We want to hear what you have to say about results expectations, and we will choose the appropriate treatment based on your concerns. In addition to dermal fillers, we also offer implants for lip augmentation.

Give your lips the anti-aging treatment they deserve. Look better and feel better with lip augmentation at Old Town Med Spa in Chicago. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started!

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