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As inpatient internal medicine doctors, we’ve noticed how much obesity can affect the lives of our patients. From heart disease, lung disease and mobility issues to emotional and psychological problems, it’s clear how intensely detrimental obesity is to virtually every aspect of a person’s health.

Because of this, we here at Old Town have dedicated ourselves to helping people control and rapidly defeat their obesity through exercise, lifestyle changes, and new local fat-burning technology. Improving your health will also bring about dramatic improvements in self-image as well as personal confidence, changing your life forever!

At Old Town, however, our expertise is not limited to weight loss and body contouring alone!

As you age, skin changes and wrinkles begin to appear. What was once unfortunately accepted as an inescapable part of getting older can now be rather easily prevented! Nowadays, there are many noninvasive methods for fighting wrinkles, refreshing the skin and getting rid of varicose veins. You will never stop getting older, but you can certainly keep looking younger!

When you look better, you feel better. Old Town will do what it takes to keep your skin healthy, keep you confident and keep you looking young!

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