A Long-Lasting Treatment Option for Migraines

Female student suffering from eyes pain or headache For many decades, BOTOX® has been used as a safe and proven cosmetic treatment for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Botulinum toxin A, the main ingredient in BOTOX® injections, works by temporarily blocking nerve signals in targeted muscles.

If treatments are repeated on a recurring schedule, these muscles slowly lose strength and become smaller. For aesthetic use, this is a great benefit as not only are there short-term effects of smoothing and toning the skin on the face, the muscles that contribute to causing the wrinkles and lines will have much less impact on the look of your face.

Given the efficacy and safety of BOTOX®, the FDA has, in recent years, approved its use for the treatment of certain medical conditions. If you have been suffering from chronic or severe migraines, BOTOX® is now an FDA-approved treatment that may be able to provide you with much-needed relief.

Working the same way as when used for cosmetic treatments, the use of BOTOX® to provide relief works by blocking the specific nerve signals and muscle contractions that are thought to contribute to the severity of migraines.

In a treatment session, your doctor will perform up to 30 or 40 injections using a tiny needle. Most patients report minimal pain, with many seeing results nearly immediately after each session. For the most benefit and relief, however, you may need to schedule follow-up sessions around every 12 weeks.

Not only are the treatments nearly painless, but there are also no restrictions on daily activities afterward. Although rest can help the results appear quicker and within three weeks, many reports relief a lot sooner. For those that want to avoid frequent use of over-the-counter migraine-specific medications, BOTOX® is a great alternative.

If you are suffering from chronic or severe migraines and want to explore alternative treatment options, contact Dr. Nael Gharbi and Dr. Shazel Gharbi at Old Town MedSpa in Chicago, IL. The knowledgeable and expert staff is available at 315-416-6172 or www.oldtownmedspa.com to answer your questions or schedule an appointment today.

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