What Is Medical Weight Loss?

If you are finding that your weight is creeping higher and higher on the scale, then you may need to start thinking about taking control of this situation before it gets out of hand. More than 70-percent of the adult population in the United States is overweight, and that number is not reducing at a rate to prevent the problems associated with obesity. Today, heart disease, due to being overweight, is still the number one killer. Diabetes has gotten so out of hand, it could single-handedly bankrupt the healthcare system if people do not learn to take the notion of bringing their weight under control into serious focus. To help curb the problems associated with uncontrolled weight gain, many medical facilities have started orienting their practice around helping people drop the pounds. For most of the people using these medical weight loss services, weight reduction is the primary approach to helping patients restore their health and build good habits to remain healthy well into old age. With that in mind, medical weight loss covers a variety of ideas. Here are just a few.

Medical Weight Loss Programs

For individuals that simply need to lose less than 100-pounds, these people can typically benefit greatly from a comprehensive medical weight loss program. A medical weight loss program is going to rely on restricting caloric intake to around 1200 calories a day. This is because the caloric intake of an individual needs to be below the average body’s caloric burn rate in a day to ensure weight reduction. Adding exercise on top of this formula helps to burn calories faster. This in turn results in losing far more calories than a person is consuming. This ensures that a person will be able to significantly lose weight if they stick to this type of medical weight loss program.

Sometimes these programs are enhanced with other weight loss methods like lipotropic injections to improve weight loss while helping with hormone balance. Hormone balance can be an important factor in a medical weight loss program, because adrenal function and thyroid function, both of which are regulated by hormones, need to be functioning correctly to encourage a higher metabolic rate to increase the number of calories the body is capable of burning each day. Additionally, improving the hormone balance can also positively affect insulin function and help the body move from being insulin resistant to being more positively insulin sensitive.


The benefits of engaging in a weight loss program is that supervised weight loss is easier to achieve than if you’re just doing it on your own. Our doctors can hold you accountable and keep you on track. Not only that, but we can make sure you’re staying healthy and keeping your body in good condition while you lose the weight. Sometimes weight loss can be done in an unhealthy way, such as starvation or obsessive exercise, so our team will make sure you don’t become unhealthy or injury yourself in this process.

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