Take Your Skin to the Next Level with Ultherapy

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As you grow older, your skin will eventually undergo changes caused by the gradual breakdown of a protein called collagen. Since collagen helps strengthen connective tissue, its age-related breakdown leads to skin that tends to sag after losing its elasticity. Procedures like cosmetic surgery can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of sagging skin, but it is not for everyone, particularly those who are only dealing with mild skin sagging for light wrinkles. One alternative to conventional cosmetic surgery is UltherapyⓇ, which has helped many people reverse sagging skin or even postpone cosmetic surgery.


This procedure works by stimulating the production of fresh collagen through the delivery of safe, focused ultrasound energy into deeper layers of your skin that are normally involved in cosmetic surgery. It does all this without disrupting the surface of your skin. The transmission of the ultrasound energy causes strong vibrations at the cellular level, resulting in friction and resultant heat at the treatment location.

How It Works

As you grow older, your skin’s collagen begins losing its shape, similar to how your favorite clothes that once fitted perfectly tend to become more saggy over time. As your collagen begins to undergo structural changes, the foundations of your skin become lax and uneven, resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles. By heating collagen, it undergoes changes that result in tighter, smoother skin. The ultrasound energy works by disrupting and breaking the molecular bonds holding collagen together. Just as when you stretch and release a spring, the fibers will contract and return to their original taut state.

The Treatment

After marking your face with grid lines for treatment guidance, we use a handpiece that glides over the treatment site. We hover over the area for a few seconds as the ultrasound energy is transmitted. The treatment will encourage your body to form new collagen fibers to renew the appearance of skin affected by laxity.


The results of your UltherapyⓇ treatment session can often be seen immediately after your procedure. Much of this is due to expected inflammation that kick-starts the skin rejuvenation process. Your real results should appear over the course of the next few months when newly formed collagen begins to mature and become evident. As collagen is realigned and matured, it offers a firm foundation for the surface of your skin.

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