It’s Never Too Late for Tattoo Removal

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With the latest technology and techniques, it is never too late to have your tattoos removed. Laser tattoo removal is performed by our trained technicians and is a fast and safe way to remove unwanted tattoos. During a consultation, your tattoos will be examined and our technicians may perform a patch test to determine the right laser setting for your skin type.

Laser tattoo removal works by breaking up the ink into miniscule particles that are absorbed and eliminated by your body. It may take several treatments to remove your tattoo completely, but as the ink is dispersed, your tattoo will become progressively lighter. The number of treatments needed will depend on the size, depth, color and age of the tattoo. Some colors take longer. Black and dark blue can be removed the quickest.

The laser delivers in short pulses of intense light that passes through the top layers of skin and is absorbed only by the tattoo ink. There is a low level of discomfort experienced by most patients during treatment, and many do not require anesthesia. A topical painkiller may be applied to the tattoo before treatment.

If you are experiencing tattoo regret and would like a tattoo removed, we recommend that you consider the following:

• Discuss your expectations with our specialist. Each tattoo and skin type is different, so we may be able to help you set realistic expectations about the results.

• The location on your body of your tattoo may determine the speed with which it fades. Tattoos on the chest fade quicker that tattoos on the arms and legs because the chest is closer to the heart.

• The type of ink will also determine the speed the tattoo will fade. Usually, professional tattoos are easier to remove because the ink is applied on consistent level, while amateur tattoos may be applied in an uneven way that makes it more difficult to remove.

• There may be side effects after the treatment such as swelling, raising of the tattoo, and redness. These are normal and will subside with time.

• Laser tattoo removal works best on lighter skin tones, because there is the possibility that the skin may become lighter after the treatment.

No matter how long you’ve had your tattoos, you can have them removed with laser tattoo removal. To schedule a consultation today, you can contact our office at Old Town Med Spa in Chicago. Don’t deal with your tattoo regret any longer. Come in today!

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