Could You Benefit from PRP Treatment?

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PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is responsible for healing the body. It contains proteins called growth factors and white blood cells. When injected into the body in a highly-concentrated dose, PRP has numerous benefits, as it helps the body heal faster and better. To learn more about how you can benefit from PRP treatment, you can keep reading below.

PRP: The Treatment

PRP treatment is quick and relatively easy. We will first draw a small amount of blood and place the sample into a centrifuge, which is able to separate your PRP from the other parts of your blood. We then create a serum that can be injected into the areas of your body we want to target for healing. There is no downtime associated with this treatment and no risk of an allergic reaction. If you suffer from a blood disorder, however, you may not make a good candidate for this treatment.

Could You Benefit from PRP Treatment?

The short answer is yes, you can benefit from this treatment. PRP has been proven safe and effective at treating an array of different medical and beauty conditions and concerns.

Do You Have an Injury?

First, do you have a nagging injury or muscle tear that doesn’t seem to want to heal? PRP contains several bioactive proteins able to heal cells and tissue when injected back into the body in concentrated doses. PRP treatment basically supercharges your healing ability. If you suffer from a torn ligament, a rotator cuff tear, or plantar fasciitis, this treatment can benefit you. It can also help ease arthritis, heal tears and sprains, and treat other kinds of conditions.

Do You Suffer From Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be caused by any number of different factors. Generally, as we age our hair becomes thinner, and some people are just genetically prone to hair loss. However, the root cause of hair loss and thinning are your hair follicles, which age, are damaged, or just plain malfunction. The PRP treatment works to heal these hair follicles by injecting PRP straight into your scalp. Once healed on the cellular level, your hair follicles will be able to grow your own, natural hair once again.

Do You Need Facial Rejuvenation?

Last, this treatment has revolutionized the beauty industry. Unlike other beauty treatments, PRP treatment doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals or lasers, and you don’t have to undergo surgery. PRP treatment works to rejuvenate skin by inducing the production of collagen and elastin while also healing tissue and cells. After a PRP treatment, you will notice a reduction of your fine lines and wrinkles and that your skin is smoother and tighter.

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