Frustrated with Wrinkles? Consider BOTOX in Chicago

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Have wrinkles gotten you feeling down? Where you once felt youthful and vibrant, you may now feel old and past your prime. However, you no longer have to let your wrinkles dictate how you feel. With our minimally-invasive BOTOX® treatments in Chicago, you can treat those expression lines that form across your face while also maintain a natural look.

BOTOX® creates temporary relaxation in the muscles in which it is used. When used in tiny doses in the facial muscles, it relaxes the muscles that cause your skin to crinkle without affecting your ability to create facial expressions. Therefore, after only one treatment, your skin will look smoother, and those you know may even comment on how you look happier and less tired.

We pride ourselves on our quick and easy appointments. We know that your life is busy and that you have very little time to get cosmetic treatments. Therefore, we get you in and out of our office as quickly as possible, letting you get back to your daily work or to your family. During this brief visit, we will skillfully inject the BOTOX® solution into the preselected areas.

This short BOTOX® treatment gives you results for multiple months. If you have received several BOTOX® treatments in the past, you may be able to wait longer between treatments. However, you will want to ensure that you keep up with your follow-up treatments at our office in Chicago or else you will see the return of those lines and wrinkles that aged your face. BOTOX® treatments can help you get rid of current lines that you have and can even prevent new lines from forming.

Now you do not have to be frustrated with your wrinkles any longer. At Old Town Medspa, serving the entire Chicago area, you can get precise BOTOX® treatments from skilled professionals who have years of experience. You can trust that our treatments are always performed by professionals who know exactly how to help you get rid of your lines and wrinkles while ensuring that you retain a naturally moving and youthful-looking face. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Chicago!

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